It's time to stop treating the Great Commission like a Great Option.

Before Jesus left earth, He entrusted the disciples with a Great Commission: make disciples. The Apostles carried out this mission faithfully, entrusting the gospel to faithful men and women across generations, continents, and cultures. Those disciples made disciples and that commission still echoes today. But let's be honest, most of us have no idea where to begin with this mission. What is a true disciple of Christ? How do we make disciples? And where do we go for an understanding of what Jesus meant?

ENTRUST disciple-making school is an intensive year-long program designed to equip you with the experience and resources to fulfill the Great Commission. Reaching the world with the Gospel begins with people just like you meeting God face-to-face through a simple, proven approach called inductive Bible study. We want to invest in you through ministry training, helpful resources, and experienced teachers, leaders, and teams who live and breathe this mission: to establish people in God's Word. We want you to look at Jesus. We will open the Bible and step into the life of Christ through the gospels, watch the church begin through Acts, and grow through the letters to the church – all while working out application in daily life, ministry, and mission – where you live, work, and play.

Get trained to become a disciple who makes disciples.



Are you a disciple of Jesus? Then you are a disciple-maker. Entrust students are men and women who are leaders. They are already serving their local churches. Our desire is to serve those local churches by equipping these men and women to lead their ministries well.


Seminary Student

You have the calling, Entrust can equip you for the mission. We provide Bible study experience and training that will help you academically and missionally.

business man

Business Leader

Your mission field is unique and important. Entrust can give you a biblical framework and example to follow as you make disciples in the field God has placed you.


Lead Pastor

You have been given a great mission. Entrust can support you in that mission. We can offer you both relevant and timeless resources to help you get the most out of your Bible Study.

church planter wife

Church Planter’s Wife

We recognize that the role you play is important. Entrust can offer vital resources to equip you with the tools and support needed to make disciples both inside and outside the home.

church planter

Church Planter

If you are called to spread the gospel through a church plant, Entrust can give you invaluable resources to engage and equip your team and the people around you.

planter resident

Church Planter Resident

As you support and serve a church plant, Entrust can provide resources, coaching, and training to help you fulfill your calling.

bible study leaders

Bible Study Leader

If you are leading a Bible study in Sunday school or a community group, Entrust can provide you with relevant and trustworthy resources to help you lead well by making disciples.



Whether you called to foreign or familiar soil, your heart for the lost can be encouraged and equipped through Entrust.


Church Leaders

Deacon, elder, or ministry leader, Entrust can give training and coaching in your calling to make disciples.


We have hand-selected some of the most influential teachers of our time to help you unpack the gospel and challenge your application of making disciples intentionally

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